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About Iv Infusion

Intravenous (IV) stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive regenerative medicine treatment that involves administering Mesenchymal Stem Cells directly into the patient's bloodstream.

Once introduced into the bloodstream through an IV drip, the stem cells circulate throughout the body and home in on areas of inflammation, injury, or degeneration. Their unique ability to differentiate into various cell types enables them to repair damaged tissues, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the body's natural healing process, potentially improving overall health and addressing various medical conditions.

Price Range:

  • $4,000 - $10,000

Pricing to Add Exosomes:

  • $2,000 - $4,000

Intravenous (IV) stem cell therapy is capturing attention for its diverse range of health benefits, offering a less invasive yet highly effective treatment option. Here are some of the benefits of this advanced treatment:

  • Systemic impact: Delivers stem cells directly into the bloodstream for whole-body benefits, ensuring a more comprehensive approach to treatment
  • Quick and efficient: Because the stem cells are directly administered into the bloodstream, this allows for faster distribution and effectiveness
  • Lower risk of complications: Avoids surgical interventions, reducing the risk of infections and complications
  • Versatile treatment: This treatment has the potential to address multiple conditions, from chronic inflammation to autoimmune disorders, due to stem cells' unique ability to differentiate into various cell types
  • Minimal downtime: Quick procedure time and speedy recovery make it an increasingly popular choice for those looking for timely results

How Does IV Infusion Work?

Panacea Aesthetics and Wellness Center begins each IV infusion with a consultation to determine the appropriate treatment plan. Stem cells are autologous (meaning they come from your own body) or allogeneic (meaning they come from a donor), and our team will decide which is best for your specific needs. During the procedure, our professionals in Newport Beach, CA will administer a concentrated dose of stem cells directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous drip. Patients typically experience minimal discomfort during the procedure and can resume their regular activities afterward with few restrictions.

Best facial that I have ever had and I have had a lot since I am 54 years old. This is the third time that I have been there and I’ve never had to wait for my service and all of the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. This is the only place I will go to for my facials and Botox from now on.

L.D. Yelp

I finally got the courage to go get Botox for the first time, and I am so impressed and grateful for my experience with Panacea Wellness, Sal, and the rest of the staff (I didn’t get to meet Manal, next time ). I bought my initial Botox units on Groupon, which is great that they offer, it gets the resistant people like me in the door . Upon entering, shaking with "first time" nerves, I was greeted with the friendliest smiles and people! I felt so welcomed by the nice girls at the front desk (Lana & Miranda). I was promptly taken to a room and was quickly greeted by Sal! Sal is such a good hype-man, and made me feel comfortable with his chill and personable vibe, he was clear and thorough about what Botox is, what it does, the procedure, etc. He even recommended a book for autoimmune disease that his wife really benefitted from, and explained their passion for holistic wellness which I really appreciate. When I checked out I definitely got up sold, which is expected, they’re a business, but I was also so there for it lol I was basically like here, take my money, let’s do this sis! Thank you Panacea for your warm welcomes and making me feel like a queen!  I’m looking forward to future visits and my first hydrafacial next month!!

A.M. Yelp

Excellent hydra facial & amazing product selection. I really enjoyed how my aesthetician educated me & customized my treatment!

A.G. Google

My overall experience here has been beyond my expectations.  Amazing staff upfront who are hospitable and welcoming.  Lana does an exceptional job with Microderm and is highly knowledgeable with our skin and it’s needs.  Sal and Manal are leading experts with total health, wellness, and beauty both aesthetically and also helps us understand that beauty also starts from care from within.  Sal and Manal treated me during a minor procedure with total care, and empathy and I walked out from their clinic feeling empowered, hopeful, and more confident about my beauty and well being.  The types of care that Sal, Manal, and team offer are much more than a day spa.  I felt like I found more of a sanctuary in Sal and Manal’s wholesome care.   An overall amazing experience that everyone must seek for their wellness and beauty! I am beyond grateful to Sal, and Manal for how they’ve helped me transform my mind and beauty.  Linda

L.N. Yelp

This place is Awesome!  Beautiful office, great sevice, knowledgeable, professional and all around a GREAT experience!HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

T.B. Yelp


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What Can I Expect From IV Stem Cell Therapy?

At Panacea Aesthetics and Wellness Center, our patients benefit from custom-made rejuvenating IV stem cell therapy infusions. IV therapy infusions offer intense hydration from the saline solution and immune and energy-boosting properties. Before your treatment, your skin will be cleaned, and the needle will be attached. Patients are welcome to unwind or even fall asleep over the course of the procedure. The IV drip delivers stem cells, nutrients, and vitamins through a steady drip into the bloodstream. Once it's over, we'll secure a tiny dressing on the administration location. Intravenous therapy usually takes about 60 minutes to complete, after which you're free to leave from our Newport Beach, CA practice and go back to your regular activities with no recovery period required.

Am I a Candidate for IV Infusion?

An IV infusion could be the right form of treatment for you if you want fast and immediate results from a wide number of ailments, including pain and inflammation. Its minimally invasive nature also makes it an incredible alternative for those hoping to eliminate any downtime or recovery. Schedule a consultation with our staff today to discuss your situation and we'll help you determine if you might be an ideal candidate for an IV infusion.

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What symptoms can be improved with IV infusion therapy?

IV infusion stem cell therapy with mesenchymal stem cells holds promise for a helping to provide relief from a wide range of medical conditions and symptoms. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Chronic pain and inflammation
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Neurological disorders
  • Orthopedic injuries and conditions
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Skin and dermatological conditions
  • Age-related symptoms and conditions

Stem cells have the unique ability to promote the body's natural processes for tissue repair, reducing inflammation, and boosting the immune system, making them potentially effective in addressing a diverse set of health concerns.

How long do the results of IV infusion stem cell therapy last?

The results from IV infusion stem cell therapy can last for months, years, or longer depending on several factors, including the patient's age, overall health, the specific condition being treated, and the number of treatments received. While some individuals may experience significant and lasting improvements, others may require periodic "booster" treatments to maintain the benefits of IV infusion stem cell treatment. The regenerative effects of stem cells can continue to evolve over time, with results often becoming more noticeable in the weeks and months following treatment. To maximize and sustain benefits, patients are encouraged to have regular follow-up assessments and periodic maintenance treatments as recommended.

Where do the stem cells used in IV infusion therapy come from?

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) used in IV infusion therapy can originate from either autologous (the patient's own body) or allogeneic (donor) sources. Autologous MSCs may be extracted from the patient's own fatty (adipose) tissue through minimally invasive techniques, while allogeneic MSCs come from rigorously screened and tested donors. 

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.