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About Hair Injections

Stem cell injections for hair and scalp are an innovative regenerative medicine treatment aimed at addressing hair loss and promoting hair growth. The procedure involves injecting stem cells and / or exosomes directly into the scalp.

These stem cells have the unique ability to differentiate into various cell types and secrete growth factors, which stimulate hair follicles, promote regeneration of hair follicle cells, and increase blood flow to the scalp. As a result, the treatment can potentially slow down hair loss, encourage new hair growth, and improve the overall health and thickness of the hair.

Stem cell injections for hair and scalp offer a minimally invasive alternative to traditional hair restoration methods, providing a natural approach to combating hair loss and promoting hair regrowth.

Price Range:

  • $1,200 - $4,500 per area

Stem cell hair injections are emerging as a groundbreaking treatment for hair loss and thinning, boasting several advantages that make this therapy increasingly popular. The most common benefits include:

  • Natural regrowth: Encourages the natural growth of hair follicles, resulting in fuller, thicker hair
  • Targeted therapy: Precise injections allow for targeted treatment, focusing on specific areas of concern
  • Nonsurgical: Minimally invasive procedure eliminates the need for surgical hair restoration methods, reducing recovery time
  • Versatile treatment: Effective for various types of hair loss conditions, including alopecia areata and androgenetic alopecia
  • Safe and effective: Low risk of complications or adverse effects, making it a safer alternative to some other hair restoration methods

Love, love, love this place !! This doctors are the best I’ve ever had. Great place, very beautiful, all the staff are very friendly and attentive. They do all the best procedures and keeand constantly update equipment. Every visit to this clinic is a pleasure. What are the results???? I live two hours away from nth but I don’t regret a minute

?. . Yelp

Sal and Manal are two of the kindness most gentile down to earth people you will ever know in your life. They explain everything down to the very last detail. You are never left wondering what’s coming next. If you are thinking about getting any procedure done, you can trust them a million percent. They have your safely and satisfaction top of mind. I’ll never go anywhere else. So blessed to of met them!

M.C. Yelp

This place is fantastic. I will be a lifetime customer. Sal is a great guy and really knows what’s he’s doing. He is very caring and passionate about what he does, and it shows in the quality of their service. The staff is also great. Can’t go wrong.

M.Y. Yelp

Absolutely Love them! It’s not easy for me to trust a place with my face. I’ve gotten several treatments at this Clinique with great results. Place is amazing, clean and comfy. I definitely recommend

M.D. Yelp

I love this place. So glad that I found them, the staff are so helpful and thoroughly explain what your results will be. They don’t try to push you into  more expensive or unnecessary treatments.  They truly want you to feel good about what you decide to do., UNLIKE the pretty little beauty spa on PCH by my home in CDM that had me looking like  a cross between the Joker and the Cat Lady of NYC  that had suffered a stroke!      I will not be shopping around ever again for Botox,! These guys are truly the absolute best, no bruising, no drooling out the side of your mouth and you walk out of their place feeling and looking great!

T.C. Yelp


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